Advent Guide | Week 2: Dec 10-16



One of the most exciting times in a person’s life is the time of their engagement to be married. It is a time of waiting, excitement, joy, and dreaming. Planning a wedding, thinking about the future, dreaming about a family. There are so many things to be excited about. But for Mary, this time of excitement quickly turned into a time of surprise and concern. God had put a baby in her womb and that was a HUGE surprise. You can only imagine how anxious, worried, and concerned she would have been and all the questions she would have been asking. But it was GOD who did this. God was in charge. And in the midst of a very strange situation, God gave Mary a wonderful gift. He gave her the gift of “peace.” To have peace is to have a calm and content heart even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Peace is something we all need and peace is something that only God can give.

As you read these stories, think about the way in which Mary needed peace, and the way she received peace.


(Links open in a new tab to the text in ESV)

Luke 1:26-38    |    Luke 1:39-45    |    John 14:27

Think about these truths:

  1. Peace is not tied to our circumstances.

  2. Peace is tied to a Person – Jesus Christ.

  3. Peace comes to those who trust in that Person.

Discussion starters:

  1. Children often attach to specific objects when they are upset. Ask your children to name some of these comforting items.

  2. Adults, what soothing object do you remember turning to as a child? What happened to those special objects?

  3. How is the peace that Jesus Christ brings us different from the comfort that comes from a blanket or a stuffed animal?

Prayer point

Mary admitted her fear to God and then accepted His Word as truth over her fear. Tell God what is leading you to choose fear. Ask Him to replace your fear with the peace of Jesus through the truth of Scripture. Give thanks to Jesus for being true and trustworthy always.


It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Silent Night, Holy Night

Activity suggestions

  1. Make a prayer list of those around you that need Jesus to bring His peace over the circumstances of their life. Pray for them everyday this week. Send them a Christmas card from your family so they know that you prayed for them.

  2. Philippians 4:4-7 teaches us how to pray when we are anxious. We receive the peace of God when we choose to give him prayers of thanksgiving. Set a gift bag or box under the Christmas tree but don’t close it. Everyone writes down (or dictates) a prayer of thanksgiving and gifts it to the Lord. Leave the supplies handy so you and your family can add prayers of thanksgiving to the Lord each time you are tempted to be anxious or fearful. On Saturday, read your gifts to the Lord as a family.

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