Missions 2018

As a part of the Discipleship Pathway, MacArthur Blvd desires that every member live a Life on Mission. We provide various opportunities throughout the year to engage the lost through local initiatives and short-term mission trips.

Go | Give | Pray

Members are encouraged to either Go, Give or Pray for missions in the next year. Prayerfully seek the Lord in how you should Go, Give, or Pray and respond with a high level of commitment and faithfulness.

Mission Trip Scholarships

MacArthur Blvd is committed to helping members participate in the mission of God through short mission trips. Scholarship funds are available for members who need financial aid up to 50% of the total trip cost. We ask that each member requesting scholarship funds commit to some form of fund raising in addition to receiving a scholarship.

Check out the ways to live a Life on Mission by using the drop down menu below.

After School Bible Clubs

A fun time for Children to hear and learn scripture, sing praise songs, and interact with Christian adults. These clubs are fantastic connections to children in our community.

Good News Club – Tom Landry Elementary
Kids Beach Club – Las Colinas Elementary

Mondays, 2:45-4:15 p.m. | Volunteers share responsibilities for large and small group activities.


Show Christ-like compassion to people who are in financial hardship, leading them to trust and follow Christ.

A counselor receives requests from individuals and determines the best course of action that will bring a person to trust and follow Christ.

A coach walks with a member of MacArthur Blvd through life, leading them to trust and follow Christ.


  • Meet practical needs such as construction, painting, etc. with a gospel centered focus on each project.
  • Pray for missional opportunities in our community to minister in Word and Deed.
  • Build relationships outside the church to participate in projects with them and share Christ.

Building Project Mission Trips
Serve guest churches from the Encourager Conference and/or foreign mission assignments.

Disaster Response
Help families affected by fire, tornado, or other disasters in our city.

Widow/widower or single parents
Serve members of the church by completing building projects as needed. The team will work with the deacons and Compassion/Benevolence Ministry.

Crisis Ministries

Serve those in the Irving community by meeting their physical and spiritual needs. Help us share the hope found only in Jesus Christ through the services we offer.

Work in our food pantry
Mon.-Wed. and Fri., 9:00 AM-1:45 PM | Sat., 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Pick up food at local grocery stores
Weekday Mornings

Disciple makers, prayer warriors & financial coaches
Flexible hours available


English as a Second Language

Share the love and truth of Jesus while helping our neighbors learn English. Training is available.

Mondays, 6:15-8:45 p.m. | September-May with Christmas and Spring breaks

Prayer Warriors
Receive emails or texts for prayer requests and pray.

1.5 hrs class time (plus half hour break during large group time); 2 to 3 hrs prep time weekly

*Teacher Helpers
1.5 hrs of class time (plus half hour break during large group time)

Snack Coordinator
1.5 hrs set up & clean up plus coordination time

*Snack Helpers
1 hr setup & clean up

Conversation Engagers
Speak to students during the social part of snack time

*Drop in help is welcome

Beautiful Feet

Go out into the community of Irving to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Training is provided.

Door-to-Door and/or Engage people at the park
Saturday Morning | Tuesday Evening | Friday Evening

Love Asian Indians

Knowing the number of Asian Indians in the Irving area, we desire to express our love by building relationships. Provide practical ways to help them adjust to life in America.

Indians in Irving
4th Monday, 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Interact with Indians who just moved to the states and help them to get settled. Meet in the Fall and Spring.

Engaging Hindus with the Gospel
Sunday, 6:00-7:30 p.m. (Spring or Fall) | Take a special training class to learn how to minister to Asian Indians.

Hindu Ministry
Flexible hours | Build friendly relationships with Hindus in the Irving area, by meeting their needs.

Couples Ministry
Connect with a Hindu couple for 6 months to share the love of Christ.

Love Muslim Neighbors

Intercede for the salvation of Muslims living in our community, and place ourselves in a position to naturally meet these neighbors and engage them with the love and good news of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Walk & Recreation
Tuesdays, 5:30 PM | Recreation may include joining in a game of basketball or volleyball, a stroll on the walking track, and/or our children playing together on the playground.

Distibute essentials to refugee families
One Saturday/month | Meet at the storage facility in Irving, then distribute items to various refugee homes in far north Dallas.

Mentoring and Serving Barbara Bush Middle School

Many kids don’t have a good support system at home. You can speak truth to a middle school student. This short time can have a big effect in the life of a student… and in your life. Reach into the community and make a difference.

MacArthur Blvd Baptist Church has adopted Barbara Bush Middle School in partnership with the Big Hope Network, an affiliate of Big Brothers Big Sisters. The Big Hope Network helps local churches adopt a school in their community.

Beginning January 2018, meet with a student once a week during their school lunch. Training is provided.

Prayer Warrior
Pray for a students, teachers & their mentors.

Service Projects
As needed for Teacher Appreciation, painting hallways, landscaping, organizing.

Conroe, TX

We are partnering with King’s Church led by former members and a 2017 Encourager Conference guest couple, Richard & Jessalyn Hutto. King’s Church is located in a vibrant and diverse area. The Huttos need our help with two outreach events next year so they can meet their neighbors and share the gospel.

March 2-4, 2018
Visit houses and apartments Saturday morning to share information about King’s Church, and take every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus. Gather for a time of fellowship Saturday evening.

September 28-30, 2018
Host a cook out with games in a neighborhood Park and invite the community. We want not only to show the love and compassion of Christ but also leave a lasting impression that King’s Church is a benefit to its surrounding area. Our aim is to build relationships and open doors to share the salvation found in Christ.

Globe, AZ

Assist Pastor Jason Crothers, former member of MacArthur Blvd and 2017 Encourager Conference guest, and his wife Yesenia where they serve at Central Heights Baptist.

October 4-6, 2018
Help with a biblical parenting seminar: teach core concepts for shaping character, equip parents for family leadership, and build a spiritual foundation by celebrating God and His Word in the home. There will also be opportunity for prayer walking, prayer knocking and Gospel conversations with locals.

Seattle, WA

Assist Bryant Jones, former Music Pastor of MacArthur Blvd, and his wife Michelle where they serve at The Hallows Church.

Est. Cost: $825-975 ($475-500 food/lodging/etc. + $350-475 airfare)
Scholarships available | MacArthur Blvd will secure flights

May 3-5, 2018
Help with a biblical parenting seminar: teach core concepts for shaping character, equip parents for family leadership, and build a spiritual foundation by celebrating God and His Word in the home. There will also be opportunity for prayer walking, prayer knocking and Gospel conversations with locals.

East Asia

Est. Cost: $2000/person ($400 food/lodging/etc. + $1300 airfare + $270 visa)

MacArthur Blvd will secure flights; our in country leadership will arrange hotel and transportation. Food is mostly local; some Western franchises available. Extensive walking required daily.

January 25-February 3, 2018
Work with local leaders to run a Children’s English Camp. The camp will take place from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Jan. 29-Feb. 2 and include lessons, sports, crafts, and snacks. All activities will support language acquisition through practice and participation.

March 8-17
Work with local leaders for outreach and discipleship. Team members may 1) meet university students through classroom lessons and follow-up meals, 2) support the needs of brothers and sisters at gatherings, 3) take part in specialized training seminars, 4) conduct community events and 5) prayer walk.

November 5-13
Train local pastors and leaders for church ministry. Team members may 1) equip local church leaders for preaching, counseling and organizing, 2) help develop and strategize for initial evangelistic encounters and ongoing church connections, 3) conduct a singles discipleship seminar and 4) prayer walk.


Est. Cost: $2300-$2400 Depends on airfare; Scholarships Available

All trips arranged through MacArthur Blvd. Itinerary, ground transportation (bus, train, taxi, etc.), food (local and good), lodging (comfortable), and interpreters provided as necessary.

May 17-24, 2018
Work with Pastor Sinisa and do construction in the Roma camp and/or village of Berane.

June 5-12, 2018
Work with Pastor Vladimir doing acts of kindness in “loving Montenegro”. Also take part in interest groups such as hiking, bicycling, photography.

July 8-17, 2018 – for Students
Work with Pastor Sinisa with the kids and youth of the Roma camp.

October 2018
Engage young entrepreneurs and business professionals by conducting a workshop. Need people skilled in marketing, social media, design and programming.

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