Leading people to trust and follow Christ by equipping them to live a life on mission.

Global Missions

Although we are ministering in many places and many ways, below is information about our Global planting partnerships.


Montenegro is a small country the size of the state of Connecticut. The country is on the Adriatic coast south of Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia on the Balkan Peninsula.

Montenegrins speak Serbian and their culture is predominantly Serbian. Montenegro declared independence from Serbia in 2006, making it the second newest sovereign nation on the globe. Montenegrin culture has been shaped by the influences of Greek, Roman, Venetian, Ottoman, and Austria-Hungarian cultures.

Missions in Montenegro

The goal of our efforts in Montenegro is to plant a healthy, self-sustaining, self-reproducing church in the northern region of Montenegro.
Our strategy to reach our goal consists of three parts:

·  Consistent proclamation of the gospel message
·  Spiritual investment in local believers
·  Project and relationship based ministry

We are working in the northern mountain areas of Montenegro where there is a mixture of Serbian Orthodox and Islamic religious beliefs. We continue to broaden our scope of contacts from students at the local Economic University to the children at two disabled children’s centers in town.

Beginning in 2007, we have developed several ongoing relationships with locals. We work closely with the few believers in town as well as several evangelical churches based in major cities throughout the country.


Guatemala is located just south of Mexico and has the largest population (14 million) in Central America. While 90% of the population speaks Spanish, there are many local dialects originating from Mayan Indian roots. The country has high unemployment, illiteracy, and poverty.

Missions in Guatemala

Our church has chosen to work in the community of Cerro de Oro, a settlement near the city of Santiago Atitlan on the shore of beautiful Lake Atitlan in south-central Guatemala. The Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Santiago has established a mission church in Cerro de Oro, and we are assisting the pastor and congregation of that church to grow spiritually and spread the gospel to the rest of the community.
We have held medical clinics and bible studies there and plan to encourage the local Christians by holding additional medical clinics, a personal witnessing seminar, providing witnessing tools and Bibles, going door-to-door to witness and to provide examples for the local Christians. In addition, we are working to supply the pastor with needed material for his own training.


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