Prayer and Fasting

This year, we are calling all members to fast and pray for the church and the Lead Pastor search process in two ways:

Monthly Corporate Prayer and Fasting

Once a month, on the same Wednesday, we call upon all members to pray and fast as one body. On this day during The River service, we will receive updates from and pray for the Lead Pastor search process.

Mark your calendars & participate on these days
February 21   |   March 21   |   April 25   |   May 30   |   June 20   |   July  18

Ongoing Personal Prayer and Fasting

In addition to our monthly corporate day of prayer and fasting, we desire to have at least one member fasting on every day this year. This is managed through the calendar below to ensure all days are covered.

Commit to fast and pray privately
Complete the form to the right and select one or multiple days this year that suit your schedule.

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Fasting is:

EXPLAINED  We do not have to fast from just food. We can fast from food, media, or anything else that takes our attention from God.

EXPECTED  Jesus assumes that we will fast: “and when you give… and when you pray… and when you fast…” (Matthew 6:1-7)

DONE FOR A PURPOSE  We fast for many reasons. Some of them are to strengthen payer, to seek God’s guidance, to humble oneself before God, and to express concern for the work of God. (Daniel 9:3, Acts 14:23, I Kings 21:27-29, Nehemiah 1:3-4)

*Taken from Spiritual Disciplines For the Christian Life by Donald Whitney. Find this and other resources below:

Prayer & Fasting Resources

“A Hunger for God” – John Piper (pdf) Complete book.

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life – Donald Whitney (pdf) A Summary of Chapter 10: Fasting…For the Purpose of Godliness

Fasting for Beginners – Desiring God (pdf)

Fasting: Putting Wheels on Your Spiritual Life (pdf) Five Facts on Fasting

Sharpening Your Affections with Fasting – Desiring God (pdf)


  • I am committing to pray and fast as follows. Choose one (or more) of the following options:

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One Commitment

Multiple Commitments

Corporate Schedule

PLEASE NOTE  The calendar will not display your personal information. It is to show what days have commitments and the days remaining. Please make an effort to select day(s) that are not already taken.

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