We offer classes that we believe will help equip you to live a Life of Worship, a Life in Community & a Life on Mission! You can join in-person or virtually, and you can jump in at any time! Virtual links are available through our events page.

Currently, we ask that you wear a mask to enter and depart your class. You are not required to keep it on for the entire class. We encourage you to social distance as much as your classroom allows.

There is no class in this track for March 21 to April 25.

Church History (March 21 to June 6)
Teacher: Bob Bolander
Explore believers who have gone before us and see the way the Lord has worked throughout human history. Learn more on our events page.

Parenting (March 21 to April 25)
Teacher: Rob Tayne
Parents are the primary disciple-makers within the home. Learn how we can engage in biblical parenting and raise our children in light of the Gospel. Learn more on our events page.

Engaging World Religions & Worldview (March 21 to June 6)
Teacher: Art Bunten
The nations have come to DFW! Seek to explore what other religions and world views believe and how we can engage them with the Gospel. Learn more on our events page.

2020-2021 Equipping Class Schedule

The Gospel Faith, Gospel Living, and Gospel Engagement track will cycle through the same courses each year. The Gospel Faith track will be on a two-year rotation, and the Christian Doctrines and Bible Survey classes are not repeats but will cover different doctrines and books. You are welcome to switch between the tracks and courses throughout the year and do not need to take classes in a particular order. We look forward to how God works through these classes for His glory. Please email info@mbbcirving.org if you have any questions.

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