We exist to lead people to trust and follow Christ by equipping them to live a life of worship, a life in community, and a life on mission.

  A Life Of Worship

Responding with all we are—mind, emotion, and will—to the revelation of God.

community-icon  A Life In Community

Participating sacrificially in each other’s lives.

mission-icon  A Life On Mission

Declaring and displaying the Gospel of the Kingdom.

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Preparing for and Responding to Worship

“Sovereign Grace” Joshua 9 | Pastor Rickey Primrose Truth: God’s sovereign grace overcomes man’s sin and foolishness. His sovereign grace in this case overcomes the Gibeonites sin and Joshua’s foolishness. God uses the sin and foolishness of people to accomplish His purposes of making worshipers out of every nation in the world. Response: Do you seek

Preparing for and Responding to Worship

“Failure to Restoration” Joshua 8 | Pastor Rickey Primrose Truth: God fashions great restoration from our worst failures. The nation of Israel experienced an epic failure at Ai because of sin in the camp. We can all relate to Israel in some way. We serve a God of restoration; a God who is willing and able to

Preparing for and Responding to Worship

“The War on Sin Part 2” Joshua 7 | Pastor Rickey Primrose Truth: The war on sin occurs in your heart. Sin starts in the heart. From there it produces sinful actions. Achan’s theft was produced by a covetous heart. Our heart is not sinful because we do sinful things; we do sinful things because our hearts our

Preparing for and Responding to Worship

“The Aftermath of Hidden Sin, Part 1” Joshua 7 | Pastor Rickey Primrose Truth: Hidden sin will be exposed. God specifically called Israel to devote all of Jericho to destruction, but Achan disobeyed God and kept some of the spoils hidden in his tent. Achan’s sin was ultimately exposed by God; a warning to all who try


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