Community Groups exist to equip people to live a life in community.


Connections is an initiative sponsored by MacArthur Blvd.’s Generations ministry to supplement our Community Groups. Connections promotes intergenerational relationships across the entire church membership and provides opportunities for members to make connections with other church members beyond our regular worship services and scheduled meetings.

The primary intent of Connections is to introduce existing members to a new intergenerational relationship each month. A secondary benefit is to introduce relationships across Community Groups. When possible, we want to connect church members who are not connected to our Community Group ministry.

Connections operates as an opt-in activity designed to promote intergenerational relationships through a monthly rotating schedule of connections within our church family. Anyone, young or old, married or single, with kids or without kids can simply opt-in to the Connections monthly rotation by filling out a simple profile. Participants plan their own time together such as a lunch after church, dinner during the week, meet over coffee or tea, or any activity of their choice. The goal is to meet one time a month with that month’s assignment selected by the Connections team.

At the end of each month, the Connections team will make new assignments for the next month based on members that are currently opted in. As often as we can, we want to introduce members across generations and make connections where a connection did not exist before. Assignments will be sent to each participant by email at the beginning of each month. Participants will have one month to make that connection. Members may opt-out at any time and may opt back in as their schedule permits.

This ministry will be a great benefit for new church members who are trying to make connections with other members in the church. Connections also provides a means of building fellowship across multiple Community Groups and introducing intergenerational relationships as well. Connections is not intended to deepen existing relationships. Nor is it expected to take the place of true discipleship. It is expected to introduce new relationships that can lead to wider church community involvement which can then lead to deeper relationships where discipleship can take place.

Active participants can opt-out anytime. Just send an email with “Opt-out” in the subject to Rob.

Connections Ministry Opt-In Form



  • This form will be forwarded to your assignment at the beginning of each month. Both participants are responsible for making a connection with their assignment once during the designated month. You may meet for dinner on a weeknight, breakfast on a Saturday, coffee or snow cone in the evening, or even a ballgame together if you like. It’s up to you. Do not feel obligated to continue meeting the same assignment each month. Next month, you will get a new assignment. However, don’t feel limited to Connections assignments either. The goal of Connections is to encourage building community in our church through introducing new relationships and deepening existing relationships.




Rob Tayne

Divisional Pastor, Generations Pastor

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