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A Parting Prayer

Psalm 67
A Parting Prayer
J. Josh Smith
November 19, 2017

Missions exist because worship doesn’t. The purpose of missions is to spread the joyful worship of God to the ends of the earth. God passionately seeks more worshipers among the nations. God is a God on mission and He has called every church on earth to join Him in His mission. As we enter into a time of transition, our mission stays the same.

Pastor Josh gave us three parting exhortations Sunday. First, we must continually seek God’s favor. We must not shy away from asking God to pour His blessing out on us. The greatest blessing God could give us is Himself. The cry for God’s blessing is a cry for more of God’s presence. We must also passionately embrace God’s heart, which is characterized in Psalm 67 as focused on people and joy. The reason God’s people should seek God’s blessing is so THAT they might spread God’s gladness to the nations. Finally, we must faithfully engage in God’s mission. The Bible is not primarily about our mission; it is primarily about God’s mission. God graciously allows us to join Him in His mission. This is why the church exists. God does not have a mission for His church; He has a church for His mission. The church is God’s plan to reach the nations. There is no plan B.

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