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Because God

1 Peter 1:2
Living as Chosen Exiles
Rickey Primrose
June 10, 2018

Peter makes a powerful statement about our Christian identity in the first verse of his letter when he describes Christians as “elect exiles.” As believers, we are the chosen of God. Peter’s second verse has three phrases, each of which highlights a different person of the Trinity, and all working together to answer the question: Why are we the chosen of God? This incredible verse peels back the layers to that question to show us that God Himself stands as the basis and ultimate cause of our salvation. We are the chosen of God because of God.

We are the chosen of God because of the Father’s eternal decision to love us, through the Spirit’s consecration of us, resulting in the Son’s sacrificial death being applied to us through our obedient response of faith to the Gospel. We were chosen because of the work of the Father, Spirit, and Son—the Triune God is the ultimate cause of our salvation.

Election, Salvation

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