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God Refines - Part 1

1 Kings 18:1 - 19:8
Truth for Transition
Bob Bolander
December 10, 2017

The focus of 1 Kings 17 was upon the characters of Elijah and the widow, both of whom trusted in the word of God, and as a result, received the provision of God. The focus of the narrative then shifts in chapter 18 to the nation of Israel, who unlike Elijah and the widow, had been “hopping” back and forth between trusting the Lord and trusting false gods. The bad news was that the provision of God was being withheld from Israel because of their lack of trust in Him. The good news was that the Lord is faithful to refine His people, leading them to a place where they can more fully trust His word and receive His blessing.

God will use seasons of transition, trial, and change in our lives to refine us. Even as believers, we need the refining work of God to melt away the various thoughts, actions, and attitudes in our lives that are keeping us from receiving the full blessing of God. This refining process can be difficult to receive, but God is good and gracious to refine our hearts, enabling us to trust Him more. As we thirst for the Lord in a season of drought and surrender areas of misplaced trust in our lives, God blesses us by giving us a fuller revelation of His glory, power, and love for us.

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