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Living a Blessed Life in a Bitter World

1 Peter 3:8-12
Living as Chosen Exiles
Rickey Primrose
September 30, 2018

Whether it is a spouse, church member, co-worker, or anybody else, whenever somebody sins against us, we have a choice to make. The first option is to respond in kind, with vengeance and retaliation. We feel like choosing this option will make us feel better and provide satisfaction, but instead, it only produces bitterness. Unfortunately, there are many in this world that choose this option and as a result, live their lives ensnared by anger and bitterness.

The other option is to respond as a peacemaker. Choosing this option brings the blessing of God. Peter teaches that peacemakers enjoy a blessed life within a bitter world, and he shows how to live as a peacemaker.

Bitterness, Blessing, Peace, Persecution

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