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The God Who Fights for Us

Joshua 10
Joshua: Seizing the Promises of God
Rickey Primrose
July 21, 2019

This sermon looks at Joshua chapter 10 with a sermon titled, “The God Who Fights for You.” Read all of Joshua Chapter 10 this week. This chapter ends with, “The Lord God…fought for Israel” (10:42). He is loyal to fight for those who follow Him by faith. As you read, take note of the ways God fought for Israel. Notice especially what words and phrases are repeated. What is the significance of this repetition? What do we learn of God’s character from this chapter? Do we learn anything of our responsibility based on, or in response to, God’s character? What glimpses of the gospel do we find in this chapter? How does this passage lead you to praise God, repent of sin, and trust in his gracious promises?

Faith, Obedience, Prayer, Trust

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