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The Gospel Love for a Gospel Family

1 Peter 1:22-25
Living as Chosen Exiles
Rickey Primrose
July 22, 2018

God’s word creates a Gospel family marked by Gospel love. There is a particular type of affection believers should have for one another because they have been made members of the same family. The Gospel of Jesus Christ creates both our Gospel love and Gospel family.

We were created by the Gospel message. Seed produces life, and the seed that generates spiritual life within our dead souls in conversion is the Gospel message. God’s word has the power to create life where there was none before. Because God’s word is imperishable, that which it creates is also imperishable. This world and everything in it will perish because it was produced by perishable seed but the people and relationship produced by the Gospel will last forever because it was produced by a seed that lasts forever.

We were created for a Gospel family. Because Christians have all been born by the same Gospel seed, we are now a part of the same Gospel family. We are brothers and sisters. What unites us is not common interests, personalities, or cultural heritage but the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This Gospel family known as the church is a part of the goal and purpose of our salvation.

We must love each other with a Gospel love. Do we love all people in the world? Yes! But we are called to have a unique type of love for other believers specifically because we are brothers and sisters—members of the same family.

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