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The Ministry of Another Chance

Exodus 32; 34
Transitions: There is joy in the Journey
Richard Taylor
February 18, 2018

Having been freed from Egyptian slavery, the Israelites were in transition to the Promised Land, and had come to the wilderness of Sinai. It was here in Sinai that they were to meet with God and receive the terms of their covenant with Him. It is also in Sinai that we see in the Israelites another example of the rebellious nature of man's heart. Exodus 32 demonstrates four ways how the Israelites, and how God's people today, can get themselves into trouble.

They were impatient with God's timing. Moses was taking too long on the mountain, Israel grew impatient, took matters into their own hands, and demanded Aaron make for them a god to lead them. A sure way to go a wrong direction in life is to become impatient with the Lord, refuse to wait on Him, and to take matters into your own hands. Impatience is a mark of immaturity. Men and women of faith must trust that God—His provision, direction, and deliverance—is always on time.

They ignored God's commandments. By making the Lord into an image of a golden calf, the Israelites had broken the second commandment that they had just received in chapter twenty. There are always consequences for breaking the commands of God. Ultimately, the sin of impatience almost always gives way to the compounding sin of disobedience. The solution for both is to trust the timing and commands of God.

They had improper worship. What made their worship improper was not HOW they worshiped but WHAT they worshiped. Unfortunately, we typically judge HOW people worship while ignoring WHAT they worship. God is most concerned with the object of our worship. We must worship the one true God who has revealed Himself most fully in the person of Jesus Christ.

They had inconsistent leadership. While Moses was meeting with God, Aaron was placating the sinful demands of the people. One leader feared God; the other feared man. God's people must seek leadership that fears the Lord more than man.

Even in this story of sin and judgment, God's grace is on display. Moses had broken the two tablets in anger containing the words of God when he came down from the mountain. However, in chapter 34, the Lord gave Moses another set of tablets. We serve a gracious God—a God of another chance for those who are recipients of His covenant love. Praise God for His "another chance" love for us!

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