We have two tools to help you discover if God is calling you to become a church planter or part of a church planting team.

“The Call” Retreat: We offer “The Call” retreat on an as needed basis throughout the year. The retreat is for you and your spouse (if married) and includes pre-assessments you will complete prior to the retreat. The retreat itself is a Friday night and all day Saturday event at MacArthur Blvd, where you will work through various sessions and exercises to help discover God’s call on your life. The retreat also includes an assessment interview. Please fill out this interest form if you would like more information.

MacArthur Blvd’s Disciple-Maker and Ministry Training: Each training lasts one year and includes sessions at the church either once or twice a month. The training includes a variety of topics related to disciple-making, ministry, and leadership within a church setting. Many church-planting candidates will be required to complete these training modules before entry into the church-planting residency.  


Approved candidates will participate in a 12-24 month church planter residency program within MacArthur Blvd aimed at preparing the planter for deployment. The residency will require a significant commitment of time and effort. Elements of the residency include reading, training sessions, assignments, and substantial ministry engagement. During the residency, church planting candidates will also prepare for their plant by developing a prospectus, core team, timeline, and budget. 


Upon final approval, the church planter will be commissioned by their MacArthur Blvd family for their God-given assignment. Deployment does not mean abandonment! Church planters will have ongoing coaching and connection opportunities through MacArthur Blvd following deployment.

If you have questions or would like to talk to a pastor about whether or not being a part of a church planting team could be for you, please reach out to Pastor Travis Benge (

8001 Mustang Drive, Irving, TX 75063
972 373 9833
Mon-Thurs: 8.00am - 5.00pm Closed Fridays