Meet people from other generations and stages of life.

Connections provides opportunities for church members to make generational relationships with other members beyond regular worship services and events.

Each month participants receive a new family (or individual) to meet with for lunch, dinner or whatever. You decide when and where you will meet at your convenience. The actual plans are up to you–dinner, breakfast, coffee, snow cone, or whatever plan you make with your assigned connection. The point is to make an intentional effort to get to know someone new within the church.

“MBBC Connections” App

Pastor Rob Tayne and Art Bunten developed a smart phone app that will manage all of the connecting processes.

The “MBBC Connections” app creates random monthly pairings between two “family units” (married couple, single, divorced, widowed, etc.) from the church.

How Does it Work?

Connections operates as an opt-in activity.

The “MBBC Connections” app requires that each family unit fill out a short profile and indicate whether they are “active” or “inactive” for the next month. Members may mark their status as “inactive” at any time and then change back to “active” as their schedule permits.

On the last day of each month, the app will calculate assignments for the following month based on members that are currently “active.” The next day, the app will alert you to your new connection providing contact information so you can then contact them and arrange a meeting.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is NOT a church dating app.

The app is designed to avoid making connections between singles. The purpose of this app is to encourage church members to meet a new family each month.

Participate in Connections

Download step-by-step set-up instructions (PDF)

  1. Download the “MBBC Connections” app for iOS or Android.
  2. Registration and Approval is required to use the App. You will get an email once your registration is approved.
  3. Once approved, create your profile, select your availability, and set your status as “Active” for next month’s connection.
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