Stories of Hope

We would love to meet with you to tell you a story of hope. Please contact us here and we will call or email you to set up a meeting time and place convenient for you. There is hope, and you too can experience it!

I grew up in a divorced home. It hurt and I felt confused and unloved. I was told about the love of God through His son Jesus. I began to follow Jesus and His teachings. Now I know I’m loved. Do you have story like this?

– Clif

I lived a life full of worldly passion. It left me broken. Then I heard stories of hope. I was transformed by God’s Word and now my life has great purpose and meaning. Do you have a story like this?

– Beverley

I was doing good – a good job, good friends, good family. On the outside, my life seemed great. But everything I did was to get acceptance from people. Trying to be good enough was impossible. Then I heard a story of hope that showed me that with Christ, I am accepted. Do you have a story like this?

– Les