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A New Evaluation of Life

2 Corinthians 5:14-21
2017 - Non-Series Sermons
Rickey Primrose
July 16, 2017

What difference does the Gospel make in your daily life? Be careful not to reduce the Gospel to only mattering for your future. It is not merely an insurance policy for your death; it is the power of God to give you true, meaningful, abundant life! The Gospel enables you to evaluate life in a radically new way.

Because of the Gospel, we now evaluate people, ourselves, and our purpose in a new way. We no longer judge and see people from a worldly point of view but as souls whom God loves and for whom Christ died. We no longer define ourselves by our past, our achievements, or what others think about us but rather by who we’ve become in Christ: new creations. We now see our foundational and fundamental purpose in life as an ambassador for Christ, knowing that all whom God has reconciled He has given the ministry of reconciliation. The Gospel can and should have life-altering effects on your life today!

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