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A People, Not Persons - I

Ephesians 4:1-16
Conversion: How God Creates a People
Rickey Primrose
March 3, 2019

Conversion has implications for the corporate life of the church. As we continue our series, “Conversion: How God Creates a People” this sermon looks at Ephesians 2-4. The message is titled “A People, Not Persons” and asks, “What does a converted church look like?” If you have time read through all of Ephesians 2-4 in preparation to this sermon looking for ramifications to the church from conversion. How does my conversion interact with yours? How are we called to be one with Christ and what is the significance of our unity with Christ? Meditate on who we once were, what Christ has done and who we have now become and what the corporate nature of Christianity looks like because of conversion. Pray this week that the church will continue to be marked by spiritual diversity and maturity.

Church, Commitment, Salvation, Unity

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