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Freedom in Christ

Isaiah 9:2-7
2017 - Non-Series Sermons
Bob Bolander
July 9, 2017

Israel’s national bondage to foreign enemies personifies the spiritual state of every human on earth apart from Christ. Fallen man lives in bondage and oppression to the tyrants of sin, Satan, and death. Rather than cry out to God for mercy, humanity tries to obtain their freedom on their own. When people try to find freedom, they tend to follow after those who are just as lost and bound as they are. This only leads us to deeper darkness. Any type of momentary freedom we may experience in this life is fleeting. Apart from Christ, we are an oppressed, bound, and hopeless people.

This spiritual reality of humanity makes the promise of Isaiah 9 all the more glorious! God promises joy, deliverance, and prosperity in Isaiah 9, and Christ Himself is the fulfillment of these promises. This passage is not a promise about a holiday; it is a promise about a Hero who was sent out of the Father’s zealous jealousy in order to win our freedom. Christ alone is the pathway to true and everlasting freedom!

Christ, Freedom

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