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Getting to the Heart of Divorce

Matthew 5:31:32
The Way of the Kingdom Part 2
Dr. Steven Smith
August 4, 2013

There is unlimited grace at the foot of the cross. Christians who have gone through a divorce need not carry with them even an ounce of guilt. Christians who have been through a divorce and those who have not are all saved and stand redeemed only because of the blood of Jesus Christ.

The authority of God’s Word is not contingent upon our circumstances or
culture. While there are some questions regarding divorce and remarriage that even good conservative Christians disagree on, the Bible is clear regarding God’s view of marriage and divorce. Let God’s Word speak, and be careful not to allow your interpretation or response to His Word be dictated by either circumstance or culture.

Remember the point of this section of the Sermon on the Mount—God desires a
righteousness that flows from the heart. Jesus is taking us to the heart of divorce and in doing so He takes us to the heart of marriage. Whether we have been divorced or not, let’s make sure our actions in marriage flow out of a heart of unconditional love.

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