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God Refines - Part II

1 Kings 8:1 - 19:9
Truth for Transition
Bob Bolander
December 17, 2017

God leads His people through seasons of transition in order to refine them. Through this work of refining, God will not only remove impurities from our lives, He also gives us exactly what we need to receive the blessings He has for us. The story of Elijah following the events of Mount Carmel demonstrates five distinct gifts God provides for His people through His work of refinement: prayer, patience, power, persecution, and provision. God moves our hearts to a posture of submission and humility through the gift of prayer. He puts us in situations where we must wait upon Him, teaching us to have peace despite our circumstances. He demonstrates His power through us, magnifying His name rather than our own. He allows persecution to position us to receive the fullness of His blessing. He gives us provision for each day and for the journey He has set before us.

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