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Hope for the Fatherless

1 Peter 1:3; 5:6-9
Living as Chosen Exiles
Bob Bolander
June 17, 2018

A primary way God reveals Himself in the New Testament is through the word pater, meaning “Father.” This concept of fatherhood emphasizes three actions: upholding, nourishing, and defending. God intends for fathers to reflect His own character by demonstrating these three actions for those under their care.

This world, however, is broken. Society is fallen, and the family remains in the center of Satan’s crosshairs. As a result, fatherlessness is an epidemic in the world, America, and our own community in north Irving; it remains a key common denominator among both the homeless and incarcerated.

The Bible is full of statements that express God’s heart for orphans, the afflicted, and defenseless. We serve a God who is passionate about the fatherless. For those who are in Christ, God is our Heavenly Father, who upholds us, nourishes us, and defends us. As recipients of these graces, Christians ought to be leaders in ministering to the fatherless of society.

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