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Jesus Is Consumed With His Father

Luke 2:41-54
The Gospel of Luke Part I - Who is Jesus?
J. Josh Smith
April 12, 2015

Twelve-year-old boys are typically consumed with many different things: food, video games, food, sports, riding bikes, food, T.V. Did I mention food? While we know a lot about Jesus’ birth and a lot about his three years of ministry as an adult, we know surprisingly little about his childhood. The only story we have of Jesus’ childhood comes in Luke 2:42-52 when he was twelve. As you read the story, it becomes clear that Jesus, like most twelve-year-old boys, was consumed with something. However, the unique thing about Jesus was what He was consumed with: Jesus was a boy who was consumed with the Father. In fact, this interesting story demonstrates three ways Jesus was consumed with the Father.

First, Jesus was consumed with the Father’s presence. A day after Mary and Joseph left Jerusalem to go back home, they recognized that Jesus was missing. After a three-day search, they found him in the temple. For Israel during this time, the temple served as a symbol for God’s presence. What was he doing in the temple? He was listening and learning from the word of God. Jesus longed to be in his Father’s presence. As he grows into an adult, Luke’s Gospel more than any other tells us of all the times Jesus would escape away to spend long hours in prayer. Jesus was consumed with the Father’s presence.

Second, Jesus was consumed with the Father’s purpose. The phrase in verse 49 translated in the ESV as “Did you not know that I had to be in My Father’s house?” is better translated, “…I had to be about my Father’s business.” Jesus’ ambitions were completely aligned under the will of the Father. He did not live for Himself or for other people; He lived for His Father. His allegiance to His Father was greater than any other allegiance He had. His life was consumed with the Father’s purpose.

Finally, Jesus was consumed with His Father’s favor. On both sides of this passage in verses 40 and 52, Luke tells us that Jesus was growing in the “grace of God” and “in favor with God.” Because Jesus humbled Himself and became a man, He had to grow in His knowledge of the word just like you and me. Jesus did miraculous things in His life not because He was exercising His power as God, but because He walked in the fullness of the Spirit of God and in the power of the Father. He spent time in God’s presence, in God’s word, and in prayer and as a result he grew in God’s favor. This is what consumed Him: the fullness and favor of God.

There are at least two specific points of application we must take away from this story. First, we must be reminded that everything flows out of the presence of God. We should never expect the results that we want to see in our own lives, marriages, children, church, evangelism, and ministry unless we spend time in God’s presence through His word and prayer. Second, this story demonstrates that we are far too often consumed with lesser things. One reason we do not have an appetite for God’s presence, purpose, and favor like Jesus did is because we fill up on the junk food of the world (e.g. money, entertainment, career, leisure, earthly relationships, etc.). Until we are empty of self, we will not be consumed with God. Ask yourself the following questions this week: What am I consumed with? What are some things that I may need to wean out of my life in order to increase my appetite for God? Let’s be a church full of people consumed not with ourselves, but for the presence, purpose, and favor of God.

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