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Lessons Learned While in Sin

Exodus 16
Transitions: There is Joy in the Journey
Richard Taylor
February 4, 2018

Life is full of various types of trials, assignments, and transitions. As the people of Christ, we can be assured that the God who calls us to the journey will provide for us through the journey. Whatever situation God has you in, He will provide exactly what you need when you need it. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between wants and needs. Here is a great test: If you don't have it, you must not need it, because as soon as you need it, God will supply it.

Not only is God faithful to carry us through every transition He leads us into, He always has good work to do in us through the transition. Often, we pray that God would deliver us from a situation. More often, we should pray that God would help us to receive what He is teaching us in that situation.

Complaining, Grumbling, Obedience, Provider, Sin

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