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On Loving God

Luke 7:36-50
The Gospel of Luke Part III - The Teaching of Jesus
J. Josh Smith
September 6, 2015

Two people could not have reacted more differently to the presence of Jesus Christ than the “woman of the city” and Simon, the Pharisee. While Simon refused to greet Jesus with the customary kiss or anoint His head and feet with oil, demonstrating his lack of love for Jesus, the woman weeps, washes His feet with her hair, and anoints Him with oil. Why did Simon and this woman react to the presence of Christ so differently? They reacted differently because they saw differently. They saw Jesus and they saw themselves differently. How deeply you love is determined by how clearly you see.

How clearly do you see? How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as a sinner, who has no hope for salvation unless you are miraculously loosed from your debt of sin? Or have years of religious activity caused you to see yourself as more deserving of salvation than others in society who are more overtly immoral? How do you see Jesus? Do you see Him as an extravagant Savior who graciously redeemed you despite your rebellious heart? How do you see other sinners? This final question may be the most revealing. When you see the worst of sinners in society, do you look down on them, thinking they deserve what they’re going to get, and distance yourself from them with an attitude of superiority and condescension? Or do you see them as a man or woman, created in the image of God, for whom Jesus died so that they might be saved? The key to loving God and loving others is seeing clearly. Let’s be a church who sees ourselves, Jesus, and other sinners clearly. Wage war against self-righteousness in your heart this week and choose to walk the way of love.

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