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Pressing On

Philippians 3:12-17
2017 - Non-Series Sermons
J. Josh Smith
January 1, 2017

I love starting new years. They are ripe with fresh vision, opportunities, and potential. This time of year people all over the world are making goals to better themselves in 2017. Goals can be incredibly helpful and effective in terms of growth and development. However, goals are only helpful insofar as they are aimed in the right direction. In fact, the goals we set for ourselves will reveal what our hearts are truly aimed at in life. What do your goals reveal about the true aim of your life? The Apostle Paul had one primary goal in life: to be like Jesus. It was toward this goal that his entire life was aimed. There are many good and worthwhile goals you may set for yourself in 2017, but as a believer in Jesus Christ, the most important goals you set will be those that are aiming you toward spiritual progress in Christ-likeness. During the time of year when everybody is seeking to better themselves, I want to encourage you to make it your aim to move closer to the One who alone can make you better. Don’t seek to be a better version of you this year, seek to be a truer version of Christ.

Encouragement, Endurance, Perseverance

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