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Heart Cry for Leadership, 1

Part 1, Psalm 25
Psalms - A Heart Cry to God
J. Josh Smith
September 4, 2016

The call to follow Jesus is an invitation into a relationship. The call itself defines the nature of the relationship: Christ will be the leader and you will be the follower. The call of the Gospel is an invitation to surrender control of every area of your life to the Lord. Psalm 25 is a heart cry for leadership. David was in a position where he desperately needed deliverance, forgiveness, direction, and friendship. He did not know where to go or what to do. His response was to “lift up his soul” to the Lord, surrendering control of everything to Him. Absolute surrender can be a frightening thing. There is no safety net, no plan B, but those who surrender to the Lord will not be disgraced or disappointed. The call to wait upon the Lord is not a call to passivity; it is a call to resolve to follow Him daily, trusting Him to lead your life.

Those who allow the Lord to lead enjoy the Lord’s leadership. However, you cannot enjoy the blessings of having the Lord as your leader if you do not allow Him to lead your life. You cannot share the throne of your heart with the Lord; either He is on the throne of your heart or you are. Consider every aspect of your life (e.g. career, marriage, parenting, church life, sexuality, school, finances, free time, etc.). In reality, who is leading in each area of your life right now? Pray the prayer of Psalm 25:1 for each area of your life where God is not on the throne. Choose to give Him control and enjoy the peace of absolute surrender today.

Fear, Leadership, Submission, Trust

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