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Remember to Dress Up

Matthew 22:1-14
2019 - Non-Series Sermons
Enoch Chan
April 7, 2019

This message, by our Family Pastor for Students, Enoch Chan, titled “Remember to Dress Up,” is from Matthew 22:1-14. In preparation take time to read this text of the parable of the wedding feast. Consider the following questions as you read. Who was with Jesus as he told this parable? How does knowing the identity of “them” (verse 1) impact our understanding? Read Matthew 21:45-46, the verses preceding. What’s the connection between this parable and the report that the Pharisees were looking for a way to arrest Jesus? What’s your reaction to the parable’s narrative on first reading it? Does it make sense to you? Does it draw you in? Are there parts that surprise you? Jesus begins by likening Heaven to a wedding banquet. What does that tell us about the Kingdom of Heaven?

Kingdom, Parables, Surrender, Sanctification

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