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The Good Samaritan

Luke 10:30-37
The Gospel of Luke Part III - The Teaching of Jesus
J. Josh Smith
September 13, 2015

Despite what you may have thought about the parable of the good Samaritan, the primary point is not that we all must do “good Samaritan” deeds. Rather, the primary point is that none of us are good Samaritans. No one can perfectly love God and others, which is required to inherit eternal life. While many become consumed with what they can do to merit God’s favor, Jesus wants us to see that while we are not good Samaritans, He is. Jesus found each of us half-dead, helpless, and destitute and demonstrates perfect love for us by healing our souls and paying our debt. Because the true Good Samaritan has made us new creations, we should be a good Samaritan to others. We help those in need, not to receive more of God’s favor, but because we have received all of God’s favor.

Consider the love and grace of God, which He has demonstrated to you in Christ. After years of being a Christian, are you still in awe of His grace? Does it move you to demonstrate grace to others? Examine the motivations behind your good deeds this week. Do they flow out of an awareness of God’s grace or are they an attempt to earn more of it? Rest in the perfect love of God, and allow His love to compel you to demonstrate love to others. Find a way to demonstrate sacrificial love by helping someone in need this week. Be a good Samaritan because you have a Good Samaritan.

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