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The Ministry of Meal Sharing

Luke 5:27-32
The Gospel of Luke Part II - The Ministry of Jesus
J. Josh Smith
June 7, 2015

Jesus’ ministry of meal-sharing is one of those biblical themes that while you had never noticed it before, once you are made aware of it, you cannot help but see it. When you read about the life of Jesus, it seems that He is always either at a meal, on His way to a meal, or leaving a meal. Sharing meals with others was not merely a way for Jesus to unwind; neither was it simply an opportunity to hang out with friends. Jesus’ ministry of meal-sharing was a purposeful mission strategy through which He declared and displayed the kingdom of God. Why was Jesus so committed to the ministry of meal-sharing?

First of all, meal-sharing displays the message of the kingdom. When Jesus shared a meal with the worst of sinners and social outcasts, it displayed that He came for sinners, that He is a friend of sinners, and that He gives grace to sinners. Jesus had a reputation of eating with those whom the religious leaders of the first-century would have never eaten a meal with. When people saw Jesus eating, reclining, and enjoying the company of sinners, they were seeing a picture of the kingdom of God. The kingdom is the place where, because of the cross of Christ, sinners are brought into a relationship with God.

Second, meal-sharing fulfills the mission of the kingdom. When Jesus ate with sinners, he did not merely display something, he actually did something. It was in the context of meal-sharing that Jesus would call sinners to repentance. This was a part of His missional strategy. Sure, Jesus did mass preaching and spontaneous evangelism at times, but in other instances we find Him spending time with sinners, eating with them, and in that relational context proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God.

The final reason Jesus was so committed to this ministry was because meal-sharing reflects the miracle of the kingdom. What is the miracle of the kingdom of God? Sweet fellowship, despite significant diversity. We see from Revelation 19 that when God establishes His kingdom fully, the rich, poor, young, old, and a multitude of ethnicities will be perfectly unified as they enjoy God and each other. This is a miracle indeed. Whenever diverse individuals share meals together today, it provides a glimpse of the miracle of the kingdom of God.

How can you begin engaging in the ministry of meal-sharing? First, save the date. This won’t just happen. You must work hard at guarding your calendar to make time to share meals with others. Schedule it. Second, send the invitations. Remember, don’t just invite people; invite the right people. Jesus ate with those whom nobody else wanted to eat with. Don’t just invite your good friends or people of prestige. Invite the poor; invite the weak; invite your enemies; invite the worst of sinners. Finally, set the atmosphere. The atmosphere of the kingdom will be one of blessing, encouragement, and celebration. When people leave the meal they should think to themselves, it must be good to know Jesus!

Are you feasting with the people Jesus feasted with? This is not a complicated ministry to grasp; it is one that is challenging to execute. Begin this week. Make time for this. Use the ministry of meal sharing to declare and display the kingdom of God.

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