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The Path to Follow

Luke 9:23-27
The Gospel of Luke Part V - Following Jesus
Rickey Primrose
July 10, 2016

The only thing that costs more than following Jesus is not following Jesus. In Luke 9:23, Jesus gives us what it costs to be His disciple. To be a disciple is to be a Christian. A Christian is a Christ-follower. Following Jesus requires you to exchange your life for His. You must renounce your old life and embrace the life of Christ. Your identity is incorporated into the identity of Christ. Following Jesus costs a lot. Why would anybody follow Him? Because following Jesus allows you to exchange your life for Him. You get to exchange your life for Jesus when you follow Him—what a deal! In Jesus you receive true, eternal life as well as divine approval. It’s true, following Jesus costs a lot, but not following Jesus costs even more.

Remember, discipleship is a journey wherein you grow in Christ-likeness. The requirements of Luke 9:23 are not only the way into the kingdom, they are the day-to-day life of the kingdom. What areas of your old life have not fully surrendered to Him? What areas of Christ’s life have you not fully embraced? Continue to walk in repentance and submit these areas to the Lord. Whatever God is calling you to give up does not compare with what you’ll receive in return: deeper intimacy with Jesus. Confess His name and embrace His path!

Discipleship, Faithfulness, Sacrifice

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