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The Persistent Widow

Luke 18:1-8
The Gospel of Luke Part III - The Teaching of Jesus
J. Josh Smith
September 27, 2015

Persistent prayer is a sign of persistent faith. As you examine your own persistence in prayer, how strong is your faith? If we are going to walk in victory over discouragement that arises from the brokenness of this world, we must grow in our persistence in prayer. If we are going to walk in freedom from worldly distractions and keep the focus of our hearts on the kingdom, we must grow in our persistence in prayer. If we are going to be the people and have the families God wants us to have, we must grow in prayer. If we are going to be faithful in our mission as a church, we must be persistent in prayer. We must pray!

Church, God is speaking to us about prayer. He is calling all of us to go to the next level in the area of prayer. I cannot believe that God would be calling us to pray like this if He were not planning to demonstrate His power in fresh ways in the days ahead. Please know that your Pastors are excited about what the Lord is saying and doing in our church and we hope you are too! Let us all take heed though: It is the fool who closes his ear and stiffens his neck when God speaks. Let’s be careful not to act foolishly. Let’s receive God’s invitation to come to Him in prayer. The days are evil; the end is at hand; our time is short. We do not have time not to pray and pray persistently. Make prayer a higher priority in your own Christian life. Men, make prayer more central in your homes and marriage. Be faithful, keep waiting, and whatever you do, don’t stop praying!

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