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The Rich Man and Lazarus

Luke 16:19-31
The Gospel of Luke Part III - The Teaching of Jesus
J. Josh Smith
November 8, 2015

Those who want their Heaven now will get hell later. In other words, those who live for this life and the things of this world will receive the extent of their Heaven in this life but will spend eternity in hell. However, those who seek first the kingdom will receive the extent of their suffering in this life but will enjoy the kingdom for all eternity. The point of the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus is not that all rich people go to hell and all poor people go to heaven. Rather, it is a reminder to seek first the kingdom of God and a warning not to live as if this world is your eternal home. Those who love God more than anything else in the world may or may not have great wealth in this life, but will enjoy God for all eternity. But those who do not want God or His kingdom in this life should not expect to receive God and His kingdom in the next life.

The messages from the past two Sundays have challenged us to examine what we are living for and how we are stewarding all that God has given us in this life. Take time this week to examine how you are managing all God has entrusted to you (e.g. your time, money, experiences, talents, etc.). Are you managing these things in order to try to enjoy Heaven on earth or are you stewarding them for the kingdom of God? Are you living for this life or for the life to come? As God exposes worldliness in your heart or your family, repent of these things. Consider what specific changes God is calling you to make in response to these messages. Remember, every word of God demands a response. Take time this week to consider how God is calling you to respond and be faithful to respond with humble obedience.

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