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Whose Report Will You Believe?

Numbers 13
Transitions: There is Joy in the Journey
Richard Taylor
April 15, 2018

We live in a world full of conflicting reports. Our enemy uses both our flesh and the world to lie to us daily regarding truth, happiness, and security. This is especially the case when God is calling us to do something that is bigger than ourselves.

This is the situation the Israelites found themselves in when they received the report from the spies who had scouted out the Promised Land. God had called them to take the land. Caleb assured them they could by God’s strength. The others assured them that the assignment was too great.

What do you do when you receive conflicting reports?

First, you must honestly assess the facts. You look at the situation in front of you and define reality. Minimizing or ignoring the obstacles in life solves nothing.

Second, you must be bold and courageous to see beyond the obstacles. Rather than declare to God how big your problems are, it is better to declare to your problems how big your God is. God is greater than every obstacle you face. This does not minimize the size of the obstacle; it clarifies the source of victory.

Third, you must realize that there will always be doubters. When God calls you to an assignment bigger than yourself, there will always be those who complain, “It cannot be done.” Fulfilling the kingdom purposes God has for your life requires you to live outside the realm of, “Yeah, but…”

Finally, you must resist the temptation of allowing your self-image to be shaped by comparing yourself to others. We must find our identity in our position in Christ, having a right estimation of ourselves in Him.

So, whose report will you believe today? Allow God’s word to dwell richly in your heart. Trust God’s report about who He is, who you are, and where truth is found. Stand strong against the lies of your flesh and this world. Stand confidently upon the word of the Lord.

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