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Why Jesus Came: To Save Us From God

Hebrews 2:14-18
Christmas - Why Jesus Came
J. Josh Smith
December 13, 2015

Why did Jesus come to earth? Not only did He come to deliver us from Satan, He also came to deliver us from God. Acting as our great High Priest, Jesus became the sacrifice that brings us into the presence of a holy God. He is the sole mediator between God and man. If you want to get to God, you go through nobody besides Jesus Christ.

The way Jesus brings us to God is by making “propitiation” for our sins. Propitiation is a word that means to appease someone’s wrath. God’s wrath is a part of His perfection; it is His perfect response to sin. A just judge always punishes sin. God does not forgive us by merely sweeping our sins under the rug. He poured His wrath out on His only Son so that we might be reconciled to Him. In this way, Jesus saved us from the wrath of God. The cross of Jesus Christ is the perfect display of God’s love and wrath. The Gospel proves that God loves you and longs for a relationship with you!

You will never have joy this Christmas season if you do not receive the implications of this Gospel truth. Many believers still live as if God is angry with them; they walk as condemned men and women, thinking that God is unhappy with them. These thoughts are not from God. There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ because Christ has appeased the wrath of the Father that would have otherwise rested upon you. As a result, God “rejoices over you with gladness” (Zephaniah 3:17). He not only loves you, He likes you! He delights in you! If you are in Christ, walk in the reality that is yours by enjoying peace with a God who loves you deeply. Receive the fullness of His favor. The joy that transcends circumstances is only found by receiving the implications of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because Jesus came, died, and rose again, you have been saved from the wrath of God to enjoy intimacy and fellowship with Him. Receive His love and declare it to others!

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