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Working Toward Unity

Ephesians 4:1-7
2016 - Non-Series Sermons
Bob Bolander
October 30, 2016

Unity is critical for the health of your soul and for the health of our church. Unity is not ‘unit’—being by yourself—nor is it ‘unison’—being just like everybody else. Unity is when unique individuals join together with a common purpose. Christ died to make unity with God and with God’s people possible; it is our responsibility to receive this unity and walk in it.

While it is possible to serve God out of mere duty and obligation, Christ died so that we could serve Him out of unity. In Christ, we share in the glory of God, and are filled with the love of God, which overflows in joyful service to God. It is through our unity with God and other believers that we enjoy spiritual growth, protection, and joy. Thus, surrendering the unity that has been purchased for us is costly. You surrender growth, protection, and joy when you fail to walk in unity with God and others.

What specifically is keeping you from unity with others in the church, your home, or your other relationships? This might be sinful words, actions, or attitudes you have received from others or extended toward others. What do you need to do this week to reconcile strained relationships? Do not settle for serving God and others out of mere duty and obligation. Fight to preserve unity with Him and others and allow your service to flow out of this unity you enjoy. Take initiative to walk in the unity Christ has purchased for you.


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