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Your Origins Matter

Genesis 1
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Dr. Jason Lisle
October 16, 2016

One of the primary reasons behind the secularization of America is the loss of Biblical authority. When we begin to undermine what the Bible says regarding the origins of the world and humanity, it inevitably leads us to undermine what the Bible teaches in other areas. While you do not have to believe in a literal six-day creation to be a Christian, compromising our beliefs about creation attacks the very foundation upon which the Gospel is built. The biblical doctrine of creation teaches us the meaning and consequences of sin. The Gospel teaches that Jesus, as the New Adam, is able to redeem humanity because He is a descendant of our common ancestor. When the creation narrative is attacked, so are Gospel-essential doctrines that are built upon this narrative. Our beliefs about origins shape our belief about the meaning of life, marriage, morality, and the sanctity of life. The doctrine of creation matters, and we must defend it vigilantly and with confidence.


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