Preparing for and Responding to Worship

Respond to Sunday, May 12, 2019

“The Mission of God” | Joshua 2 | Pastor Rickey Primrose

Truth: God is on mission to destroy all unrighteousness. Part of God’s purpose was to give His people the inheritance He had promised them, but another reason for destroying these nations was because they were wicked nations. God had given them time to repent and to trust the one true God. God is a righteous God, and it is right to judge wickedness. Grace is for everyone, but it is not forever.

Response: How should God’s righteousness and Christ’s judgment on his return affect your words and actions today toward those who have not pledged their allegiance to the one true God? Reflect on God’s mercy to you in Christ and that you are righteous in him. Is there anyone to whom you need to extend that same quality of mercy today?

Truth: God is on mission to save those who trust Him. Rahab was saved because she trusted God. First, Rahab heard about the Lord. She didn’t just hear, she believed. She didn’t integrate God into her belief system; she abandoned her old belief system. She heard, she believed; then Rahab’s belief produced obedience. She acted on her belief by hiding the spies and sneaking them out of the city.

Response: Is your faith producing a new life of following after Jesus and his commands? Rahab moved from knowledge of God to trust in God. How did you move from knowledge of God to trust in God? How do you express this?

Truth: God is on mission to display the depths of His extravagant grace. Rahab, from another nation and a prostitute, would become a part of the lineage of the Christ Himself because God wants to display the depths of His extravagant grace. Extending grace only to one nation would have limited the display of His grace. Extending grace only to the moral and religious in society would have limited the display of His grace.

Response: Are you living as one who has been sent? Are you willing to go wherever He sends you? Are you stewarding your time and resources for His mission? If Christ is your Lord, have you joined Him on His mission? Praise God for his sovereignty to save sinners from among the nations and pray for God’s help to demonstrate your faith in Christ by joining him on his mission.

Family Response

Truth:  God is on mission to save those who love Him, and the testimony of Rahab displays this process clearly.  First, she begins hearing about the Lord; how He is acting by His power for the people of Israel. Second, she genuinely believes these facts she’s heard about God are true and by faith abandons the beliefs of her culture and chooses to follow after the one true God.  Then, she shows the evidence of her faith by acting obediently for the cause of God even though it will cost her everything she’s ever known.

Response:  The spies carried Rahab’s story back to the people of Israel who would protect her and her family when the time for battle came.  The unique stories of others powerfully resonate with us because they help us see the proof of truths we haven’t personally experienced yet.  Just look through the “likes” and “re-tweets” connected to your social media accounts to see this happening everyday. Use the three concrete steps described above to share your unique story to your children.  If there are other believers in your family (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.), ask them to share their stories of faith with your children as well. If they can’t do so in person, ask them to share in a brief video message.  Celebrate God’s work of salvation!

Prepare for Sunday, May 19, 2019

Pray for the Church

  1. Leaders in worship: Pastor Rickey Primrose, Brandon Ramey & the Worship Music Ministry.
  2. God will meet with us through His word and by His Spirit, lead us to worship Christ and grow in Christ-likeness.
  3. God will help us to be a church of zeal and hope, passionate about ministry and confident in His promises.
  4. God will make us more passionate about and obedient to His mission of leading people to trust and follow Christ.

Prepare for the Message

“Times of Desperation” Joshua 3 | Pastor Rickey Primrose

We continue our series walking through the book of Joshua called, “Seizing the Promises of God.” This week we will be looking at Joshua 3. Take time this week to read through all of Joshua chapter 3. On a human level, passing over the Jordan is impossible. Both the waters and what is on the other side present a grave threat to Israel’s life. What are some of the features you notice in this chapter that add a sense of the impossibility? What is the ark’s function in this episode? At one level, God’s purpose in performing this miracle is to move his people into the land. Is there an indication that God has a more significant purpose? How does this passage lead you to praise God and trust in his gracious promises? Take time this week to reflect on the implications of this third chapter of Joshua for your life.

Music for Sunday

New Doxology 

by Thomas Ken and Thomas Miller


by Chris Brown, Matthew Ntlele, Stefan Green, and Steven Furtick

This Is Amazing Grace

by Josh Farro, Jeremy Riddle, and Phil Wickham


by Christopher Brown, Mack Brock, Matt Ntele, Steven Furtick, and Wade Joye

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