Updated Covid-19 Protocols

Updated Friday, August 13th, 2021

We want to express our deep appreciation to everyone for your patience, flexibility, and understanding regarding our safety measures during this past year. We praise God for the spirit of love and grace He has produced within our church.

As most of you are aware, Dallas County recently issued an order regarding face coverings, which applies to certain schools, businesses, and public spaces. At this point, we are not planning on making any operational changes to our corporate gatherings.

While masks and social distancing are not required, masks are welcome. Also, we will still provide a mask-required section in the sanctuary and continue to stream online for those who feel more comfortable worshipping from home.

While attending in-person:

Masks are optional throughout the building during all Sunday morning activities.

We will continue to have a designated mask-required section in the Worship Gathering. If sitting in this section, we also ask you to leave at least two chairs between each family group.

In addition to our regular cleaning protocols, we have also added a number of other steps in our cleaning process in response to Covid-19. The additional steps outlined below are based upon information we have gathered from the CDC, local school districts, as well as counsel that we have received from local doctors.

  • Hand sanitizer stations are placed at all four church entrances.
  • Disposable face masks are made available at our Welcome Desk next to the Main entrance.
  • All major touch points within the church building are disinfected before each event, during an extended event like Sunday Morning services, and again after the event is over.
  • Every high traffic surface area such as seats, light switches, hand rails, door handles, etc. are disinfected with an electrostatic sprayer and anti-microbial spray.
  • Our building HVAC systems are kept on a regular maintenance schedule, so that air filters, motors, and compressors are operating at peak efficiency. This helps to keep the air moving inside the building, and helps to ensure that any potential contaminants are removed from the building, and exhausted to the outside.

Preschool, children, and student areas:

Masks are optional for children and volunteers.

The paper health screener form and temperature check on Sunday morning has been discontinued. However, please be mindful of our Health & Illness Policy: If your child or household has been sick in the past 48 hours, we ask that you stay home. Symptoms include but are not limited to a temperature >100°F, sore throat, new cough, new breathing difficulty, severe headache, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of taste or smell, undiagnosed rash, or muscle pains. If you or a family member has had known close contact with a person who is lab-confirmed to have COVID 19, please abide by the current CDC recommendations for the appropriate quarantine period.

We want to continue to extend grace to those around us when we come together, knowing different people will continue to have different comfort levels with in-person gathering. We encourage you to be sensitive to the different types of interaction different people feel comfortable with. Let’s continue to honor Christ by loving one another well.

If you have questions, we invite you to email info@mbbcirving.org and the appropriate person will get back with you.

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